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The shortest way is a straight line

See the world from a different point of view than what you are used to. A helicopter ride is a wonderful experience and something you really should treat yourself to. Helicopters are perfect to use if you are going to transport large and small to slightly tricky places. If you have a cabin on a rock or on an island, transporting your belongings there can be a bit of a cumbersome process.

With a helicopter

you get everything delivered exactly where you need it, at the right time. If you are going far, it may be better to rent a private plane to Norway

Not only can world stars arrive at an important meeting in style, so can you

By renting a helicopter

By renting a helicopter for passenger transport and as a taxi, you will never be late for something important. Helicopters are also perfect if you are going on an inspection in areas that are difficult to get to, or if you simply want to treat yourself to a little extra luxury.Private jet? Contact us for more information.

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